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ELinks News 2006

[2006-11-19] ELinks 0.11.2

A small update to the stable branch as a reaction to the recently discovered vulnerability in the SMB protocol module. Additionally, the release also contains some minor fixes.

[2006-11-19] CVE-2006-5925: smbclient command injection via smb URL metacharacters

Links web browser 1.00pre12 and Elinks 0.9.2 with smbclient installed allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via shell metacharacters in an smb:// URI, as demonstrated by using PUT and GET statements.

More information about the vulnerability and fixes are available in bugzilla as bug 841.

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[2006-01-29] ELinks 0.11.1

Almost a month has passed since 0.11.0 saw the light of day so it's time to update to 0.11.1. A lot of fixes have entered, most important one to fix the problems with installing when national language support was enabled. This release also have a few new features such as native support for the FSP protocol.

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[2006-01-25] News about ELinks via RSS

News for ELinks is now available as RSS feeds. The latest news are in the main RSS news feed (which are also advertised on the webpages as an "alternate"). Older news (back to 2002) in RSS format are linked to from the news page.

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[2006-01-01] ELinks 0.11.0 (codename Elated)

The annual Christmas release got delayed and instead we ended up with a New Years release. The codename for the release is Elated because it is late but also because lately some great things has happened and I am very optimistic that ELinks is again moving in the right direction. Anyway, go get it!

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