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If you have or seek hints, take action! Listed below are some of the several alternatives that are here for sharing your ELinks experience.

Mailing Lists

Below is a description of the various lists available for discussing ELinks related topics. ELinks mailing lists are generously hosted by Linux From Scratch.

You can search the elinks-users and elinks-dev archives at LinuxFromScratch.org or Google.com.

This list is for getting help on ELinks and ELinks usage, reporting bugs, or more general discussions of topics related to usage. New releases are announced on this mailing list
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Discussions about ELinks development should however be kept on the elinks-dev mailing list, where various patches should be sent to as well.
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elinks-bugs (out of order)
There used to be a mailing list to which the bug tracking system sent notifications whenever a bug report was changed. However, this list is not currently working: you cannot subscribe, and subscribers do not get messages.
If you are interested in a bug that has already been reported, you can instead add yourself to the CC list of the bug via the web interface. (If you reported the bug or voted for it, then the bug tracker already notifies you about changes, unless you have disabled this in your user preferences.)
Due to spam (and bad spamfilters) we have been forced to hold back mails from non-subscribers. However, you don't have to subscribe to post since this is a showstopper for some. If you just send a message to the list it will go through our human filter and hopefully show up after a day or so depending on when messages from non-subscribers are checked. After that, you should have been added to the whitelist and all following mails will be accepted with no delay. You will not automatically receive replies sent to your mail, so you should request to be CC'ed if you chose not to subscribe.

If you encounter any difficulties with the lists, please contact Jonas using <fonseca@diku.dk> or by going to the ELinks IRC channel.


elinks-users is also mirrored by the Gmane mail2news server. Configure your News Reader to connect to news.gmane.org, a Norway-based server. The ELinks Users groups is gmane.comp.web.elinks.user

The first time you post a message to each list using Gmane, you will be sent an email request to confirm your existence. Reply to the mail and your posting will reach the list within five minutes.

IRC Channels

If you have a question and need a quick reply or just want to meet ELinks developers alive, you can join the #elinks channel at irc.freenode.net. We are not around 24 hours a day, though, and remember we are programmers, so there is more chance to catch someone around midnight than during late morning (and we may be already quite sleepy at the early morning).

Web Sites

Several ELinks users have Web pages for ELinks with their favourite tips.

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