Installing Lua

Before you can compile ELinks with Lua support, you must compile and install Lua. The following instructions are for a Linux system. People on other systems should try to enable popen support, but this is not necessary (you will lose a bit of functionality though).

  1. Download and unpack the Lua tar.gz or zip somewhere.
  2. cd into the lua directory.
  3. Open config in a text editor and uncomment the POPEN line.
  4. Optionally, change the `INSTALL_ROOT line.
  5. Run make; make so; make sobin; make install.

On systems without shared object support, simply run make; make install instead.

Since ELinks 0.11.0, only version 5.0 of Lua is supported. Future versions of ELinks will probably support Lua 5.1 too; see bug 742.

Installing ELinks

Follow the instructions for building ELinks (it is the standard ./configure; make; make install procedure). During the configure step make sure that Lua has been detected on your system.

Running ELinks with Lua

Simply start ELinks as you normally would. To check you have Lua support compiled in, open up the "Help | About" dialog box. It should list "Scripting (Lua)" under "Features". If not, make sure you do not have other copies of ELinks running, or start ELinks again with the "-no-connect" option on the command-line.