Remote Actions

The command syntax is case-insensitive. For readability, we use the casing in the listing of supported commands.

Table 11.1. Mozilla -remote compatible commands.

Command Description
ping() Checks for existence of a remote instance. Makes it possible for scripts to query if remote controlling is possible.
openURL() Prompts for a URL in current tab by opening the Goto dialog.
openURL(URL) Open the passed URL in current tab.
openURL(URL, new-tab) Opens the passed URL in new tab.
openURL(URL, new-window) Opens the passed URL in new window.
xfeDoCommand(openBrowser) Opens an ELinks instance in a new window. This ELinks instance will connect to the already running one.

Table 11.2. ELinks extensions.

Command Description
addBookmark(URL) Bookmarks the passed URL.
infoBox(text) Show text in a message box.

-remote can also take a list of URLs without an explicit action, in which case the URL arguments will be opened in new tabs in the remote instance. For example, by running:

$ elinks -remote fm g:elinks

new tabs containing, and a Google search of elinks will be opened.