Advanced topics involving tabs

Moving tabs

Newly created tabs are always positioned as the rightmost tab, but it is possible to move the current tab either to the left or the right. The default keybindings have them bound to Alt-< and Alt->. Note, however, that there are problems recognizing those keybindings when using XTerm, so you might want to rebind them.

Saving and restoring tabs

Several features use bookmarks to save tabs; they will create a folder and bookmark therein the currently displayed document of each tab:

  • You can explicitly command all tabs to be bookmarked. This will ask you for a folder name in which the tabs will be bookmarked.
  • At startup and shutdown tabs can automatically be bookmarked in order to save and restore the browsing state. Note that when restoring, all history information will be gone. It is possible to configure both tab saving and restoring via options in “UI -> Sessions”.
  • As a mean of crash protection, tabs can periodically be saved so that it is later possible to reconstruct opened tabs. In case of a clean shutdown periodically saved tabs will be removed.