Searching is by default available by pressing /. This will open a search dialog with a input text field for entering the search terms and checkboxes to control how searching is performed. You can indicate whether matching should be case sensitive and whether regular expressions or normal searching should be used.

It is also possible to make an incremental search, also called type-ahead searching. You can search either the whole document text or only link text. The latter can be useful if you see a link deep inside a page and want to get to it quickly.

Matches of the search term will be high-lighted. After having performed document text search all matches will be high-lighted. To get rid of this high-lighting you have to “search for the empty string”, that is open a search dialog and just press Enter in the input field.

Previous search words are saved in the search history, so they can easily be found and used later. Browsing the history will replace the current entered search terms.

The basic default controls for searching are the following:

Keys Action
/ Open search dialog
? Open search dialog for backwards searching
# Start incremental link text search
#/ Start incremental document search
n/N Show next/previous match
Tab Show next match (only for incremental searching)
Up/Down Insert previous/next search word from history (only when the input field is selected)