LED status indicators

As an optional feature it is possible to have tiny LED-like status indicators shown at the bottom-right of the screen. They are used for displaying an overview of the current browsing state, ie. whether you are currently talking through a SSL-secured connection, what is the current input mode (normal or insert), JavaScript errors etc.

An example display may look like: [SIJP—]. Each position in the LED display is associated with the following state:

Symbol Description
S Whether an SSL connection was used.
i/I The state of insert mode for text-input form-fields: i means modeless, I means insert mode is on.
J A JavaScript error has occurred.
P A JavaScript pop-up window was blocked.
- Unused.
- Unused.

- generally indicates that the LED is off.

The above information is also available in the LED dialog available by either clicking on the LED display or via the Help menu.