The Title, Tab and Status bar

The title bars main purpose is to display the title of the current document. Documents bigger than can be displayed with the current screen size are divided into subpages. In this case the current document position is indicated in the far right of the title bar as a suffix to the actual document title. The syntax is: ( current-subpage / total-subpages ), an example is (4/9) that indicates the 4th subpage of 9 subpages.

The tab bar by default is only visible when 2 or more tabs are open. It is divided into slots containing the trimmed title of the tabs' loaded document. Between each tab is a separator. The current tab is highlighted and all tabs that has not been viewed after being loaded are highlighted as fresh. Tabs are explained in details in the tabs.txt file.

The status bar has multiple purposes. Most of the time it will contain the URI (and title) of the currently selected link. If a link is followed, connection information is shown in the status bar. When using cursor routing, the status bar will show the coordinates of the cursor when a link is not followed.